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At DANYCOMO we develop the international communications platform which will provide you with a full range of online B2B and B2C services such us all types of multichannel messaging campaigns, mobile communication and effective tools for automation of marketing processes.

High speed business development

The first company of DANYCOM.Global holding was established in 2013. The high-tech SMS aggregator startup began to grow rapidly. During the last 6 years of A2P rampant development, the international communications platform called DANYCOMO was created.

International management team

The head office of the holding is located in the south of Russia, in Krasnodar. The team consists of top managers, programmers and specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, large and small cities of Russia, as well as from the CIS countries and even Latin America.

Transparency of business. Getting into the stock market

The company discloses its records according to Russian and international standards. Until now, the company had no financial debt, but in 2018 the decision was made to get into the stock market and to float the first bond issue. The company is going to launch its IPO.

Modern management system

DANYCOMO is so-called "teal organization", which is governed by the philosophy of agile. This is a management system based on self-organization, the independence of professionals and a flexible approach to creating products.

Overseas marketing strategy

DANYCOMO expansion to Western markets will give the opportunity to increase the operating profitability and to achieve the strategic goal which is to create a global communications platform for B2B and B2C customers. It will help companies to communicate with their clients in the simplest and most efficient way.


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