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Full name DANY CALL Limited Liability Company
Short name DANY CALL LLC
Legal and mailing address Office 32/2, 67 Novokuznechnaya street, 350015 Krasnodar, Russia
Phone/fax +7 (861) 997-84-00
TIN/RRC 4345404971/231001001
Primary State Registration Number (PSRN) 1144345040883
Bank account 40702810351180006979
Correspondent account 30101810422023601968
Russian Central Bank Identifier Code 043601968
Bank Branch No. 6318 of VTB Bank (public joint stock company) in Samara city
Classifiers in the statistical register OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organizations) 41427236;
ОКАТО (All-Russian Classifier of Political Subdivisions) 03401372000;
ОКТМO (All-Russian National Classification of Municipal Territories) 03701000001;
ОКОGU (All-Russian National Classification of Public Authorities) 4210014;
ОКFS (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership) 16;
ОКОPF (All-Russian Classifier of Legal Structures of Businesses) 12300;
OKVED (All-Russian National Classifier of Types of Economic Activity) 61.20
CEO Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Shmyrina

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