DANYCOM acquired a payment system in the Czech Republic

DANYCOM Group of Companies completed the deal on purchase of 100% of CODIUM PAY S.R.O. – the Czech payment system. In the second half of 2020, the company will start to provide finance services under DANYCOMO brand in EU countries including the Czech Republic.

CODIUM PAY S.R.O. has the license given by the Czech National Bank. The payment system became a part of DANYCOM Group of Companies, and it is 100% owned by DANY COLL LLC. Yaroslav Zelenka, the former CEO of CODIUM PAY (the Czech Republic, Prague), and Aleksandr Puzynia, Board Member of DANYCOM OÜ (the Republic of Estonia, Tallinn), will share the lead in the Czech Republic and EU countries. They both will directly report to headquarters of DANYCOM Group of Companies in Krasnodar.

CODIUM PAY is a universal payment means for legal entities and individuals. Clients of the payment system will be able to make money transfers; issue virtual and plastic payment cards; use trading and Internet acquiring services and operate euro as well as dollar accounts. In addition, such services as currency conversion transactions, SEPA and SWIFT transfers, payment aggregation and settlement documents will be available. It will also be possible to pay for purchases using CODIUM PAY cards and combine payment system accounts with mobile balances of MVNOs which DANYCOM Group of Companies will gradually launch in EU.

“We continue to develop an international ecosystem that offers financial services as well. In February 2020, we have already acquired a financial investment company in Russia, called IC STRIM LLC. Now we are in process of getting similar financial license in one of EU countries. It is the turn of payment services development and their integration into all services and products of DANYCOM Group of Companies, including mobile communication and finance services in Europe. Being under control of Group of Companies gives the payment system an opportunity to expand geographic coverage of its services to all EU countries,” Aleksandr Puzynia, Board Member of DANYCOM OÜ in the Republic of Estonia and CEO of CODIUM PAY S.R.O., comments.

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