DANYCOM.Mobile online sales went up one-and-a-half times

DANYCOM.Mobile, which is a part of DANYCOM Group of Companies, increased online sales in the first half of 2020 by almost 50% compared to the same period last year. The main reasons for subscriber base growth are geographic growth, the possibility to order SIM cards online as well as the whole economic situation in the country that forced people to switch to the mobile operators with low-cost plans.

Analyzing the dynamics of connecting new subscribers, DANYCOM.Mobile experts came to the following conclusion. For many people, the possibility of ordering SIM cards online during self-isolation period became a decisive factor in choosing their communication service provider. In addition, negative economic processes, and decrease of purchasing power caused the necessity to search for new opportunities to save money. Therefore, most of the mobile operator's new subscribers preferred freemium plans.

“DANYCOM.Mobile business model met expectations. The mobile operator managed to carve out a niche and fully adapt company's business processes to the target audience. It was proved that subscribers choose DANYCOM.Mobile as an alternative low-cost method of communication, and the tool to use “smart” gadgets and additional devices. We see the demand for our services in this segment, we develop it, and the clients reciprocate by connecting to us,” Elena Plekhanova, Director of Marketing and PR at DANYCOM Group of Companies, commented.

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