DANYCOM made its second coupon yield payment on КО-П02 series commercial bonds

DANY COLL LLC (DANYCOM brand) has fully fulfilled its obligations to make the second coupon yield payment on non-convertible interest-bearing uncertified commercial bonds of КО-П02 series with centralized accounting of rights. The coupon yield payment was 103,704 rubles which is 11.92 rubles per commercial bond.

On the 30th of June 2020, securities were placed by private subscription and available for the clients of IC Strim LLC. Within the issue, 500 thousand securities with a face value of 1 thousand rubles each were placed. The coupon rate is 14.5% per annum. Maturity of commercial bonds is 540 days from the date of placement.

The registration number of the issue is 4CDE-02-00437-R-001P dated June 17, 2020. The placement is provided within the 001PC series Commercial Bonds Programme, which registration number is 4-00437-R-001P-00C and dated March 18, 2020.

The management of DANYCOM Group of Companies points out the following. The company fulfills its obligations to investors despite the decrease in revenue associated with such negative factors as reduced incomes in A2P SMS, the preference for mobile internet over home broadband during isolation regime, decrease of purchasing power and roaming charges in the mobile market, etc.

Coupon yields on various securities issues were fully paid. There is no background for this trend to be changed.

More details are available on the webpage o Interfax's Center for Disclosing Corporate Information.

This page (information) is for IC Strim LLC clients. For avoidance of any doubt, a client of IC Strim LLC is a person who entered into the brokerage agreement with IC Strim LLC.

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