DANYCOM.Mobile changes its host operator

DANYCOM.Mobile, which is a part of DANYCOM group of Companies, indicates its intention to change host operator. Mobile virtual network operator has been providing mobile services based on Tele2 networks since December 2017.

“We thank Tele2 for its cooperation and experience we could gain. During the partnership, we adopted the best practices of one of the Big Four, implemented developments on our own and on the partner's IT platform. We are successfully continuing to scale up the project, including outside of Russia. Validity period of Partnership Agreement between the mobile virtual network operator and the current host operator is over; the agreement will not be renewed. The main reasons are incorrect financial calculations of operating expenses in relation to the partner, the demand for payment for services not actually rendered, as well as Tele2 network failures in some regions of Russia. We see the further development of DANYCOM.Mobile in partnership with another mobile communications provider, negotiations with which are at the final stage (the contract execution phase). During the period of switching to IT infrastructure of another mobile communications provider, network failures may happen. As the transitional phase is over, compensatory measures will be taken,” Vladislav Deminskii, Development Director at DANYCOM Group of Companies, comments.

“In addition, we want our MVNO colleagues and everyone who wants to enter this business to be more attentive and careful when choosing host operators and technical partners,” Vladislav Deminskii added.

DANYCOM.Mobile is a national mobile virtual network operator that started to provide mobile services on full MVNO model in December 2017. The project moved into commercial operation in June 2018. The company has its own network code, range of numbers, customer service and a unique product line with freemium plans, that gives customers an opportunity to communicate without any monthly fee. The mobile virtual network operator was launched in 56 regions of the Russian Federation.

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