For car dealerships

Buying a car for an average citizen is more than just a responsible matter. Many people apply for a loan for this purpose and, naturally, want to get the most advantageous offer and “human” approach.

Multichannel messaging will help to inform the customers (even future ones) about new offers available, to demonstrate an individual approach. You can reach a large number of potential clients for a much smaller budget than you could spend for advertising on television, radio or billboards.
For those who have already become a buyer you can launch special offers and sell additional services.

New customers in the database can be targeted by the level of consumption on mobile communications and frequency of trips abroad.

Messages can be personalized: contact the person by name and wish customer happy birthday.

Why does multichannel messaging is necessary for car dealerships?

  • Inform customers about the opportunity to make a test drive of new model
  • Invite customers to perform the next yearly inspection of the vehicle
  • Notify on the arrival of new cars (some specific car by the client's wish)
  • Inform about special offers and discounts
  • Attract new customers to the car dealership or inform about the opening of new technical centers
  • Increase loyalty (congratulate on holidays, evaluate the quality of work using surveys)

Using the DANYCOMO service you become closer to your customers, build friendships and increase sales. All subscribers who are in the network coverage area guaranteed receive messages by DANYCOMO.

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