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The number of online purchases increases every year. More than a quarter of users prefer to choose products online: the modern market is full of offers and it is much easier to compare prices online.

Competition among owners of online stores is also growing. The game of anticipation has become familiar. Spoiled buyer will not be convinced just by a beautiful image or a discount. He needs a service.

Multichannel messaging is an easy way to contact your customers.

Why do online stores need multichannel messaging?

  • Confirmation of registration on the site or changing personal data
  • Notification of order status and delivery time
  • Informing about special offers, promotions, discounts, sales and new products
  • Messaging of individual promotional codes
  • Return the customer to the site to complete the purchase
  • Increase customer loyalty (congratulations on birthday and holidays)
  • Attracting new customers
  • Notifications for store couriers
  • Promotion of SMS lotteries, raffles, polls

Each specific type of business will have its own benefits. But there is a completely undeniable ones! Optimizing the store operations reduces the waiting time for the clients, eliminates the human factor and saves money (integrating DANYCOMO service with the platform of your store is much cheaper than keeping a call center with operators).

Mobile marketing is actively used by the most advanced and large companies all over the world. DANYCOMO offers you to be part of it!

Unobtrusive way for the customer to get information, support and quick response to inquiries will help not only to keep the existing customers, but also to win new ones. And the advantage, which deserves to be reminded separately, is the low cost of contact.

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