For cafes, restaurants and bars

The industry of services and leisure activities is one of the most suitable for multichannel messaging. You can contact with a group of customers instantly: invite to a party, describe the new menu, inform about the special offers or changes in operation hours.
There is a great variety of places to go, but sometimes to remind clients about yours, you should do it in the right moment, for example, you can congratulate clients on their birthdays. A trifle, but it may be decisive.

Why does multichannel messaging is necessary for cafes, restaurants and bars?

  • Confirmation of table reservation. Reminds about the previously reserved table
  • Promotions and surveys
  • Announcement of upcoming events, the launching of a new menu
  • Invitation to have a meal at the lunch break
  • Targeted messaging on the holidays or events eve that will be interesting only a certain group of people
  • Parties invitations, music concerts and shows

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