For beauty salons

The dynamic pace of life dictates its own rules of work in beauty industry. You should always be in touch with the clients and exclude the “human factor”. The administrator forgot to warn your customer about the cancellation of the procedure? Your client will be definitely outraged. Do you have a special offer for all birthday people? They need to be informed about it! The salon will be closed for technical reasons? Warn customers! Multichannel messaging will perform this task much faster than the administrator.

Another advantage of multichannel messaging is that mass messaging allows to attract new customers. Using the targeting service, you can send messages only for that ones who live at a certain distance from the salon.

Why does multichannel messaging is necessary for a beauty salon?

  • Informing customers about promotions, discounts and special offers
  • Remind them about the time of appointments
  • Inform about force majeure, postponement of procedures, urgent changes in the waiting list
  • Confirm the appointment with a specialist by sending the convenient contact details and address
  • Attract new customers
  • Segmenting contacts and targeting advertising
  • Congratulations on holidays and birthday

DANYCOMO service easily integrates with your CRM system. If you have any problems, you can contact our managers right from your user area.

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