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Ordering taxis in the modern world has become a commonplace. Practically everybody periodically uses the services of modern cabs. There are many companies providing passenger transportation services and the competition is growing day by day.

Customers choose not only the best deals, but also a decent service. Many of them are ready to overpay for comfort and efficiency. Multichannel messaging allows you to notify the customer about the cost of the ride, brand and number of the designated vehicle. And if the message comes from a short code number, it increases the rating of the company and causes additional confidence.

Why does multichannel messaging is necessary for taxi services?

  • Informing the client about assigned vehicle, its arrival time, info about driver, etc.
  • Financial reports
  • Information about the route
  • Messaging special offers and personal promotional codes
  • Attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones
  • Informing employees

Another advantage is the reliability and protection against fraudsters. No one can act on your behalf.

DANYCOMO service can send up to 4000 messages per second and this amount is enough to notify all customers without waste of time.

Our service is easily integrated with other programs. The intuitive interface will help to make changes without specially trained professionals.

To start working with DANYCOMO, fill out the form on the website and proceed further according to the instructions. If necessary, you can contact our managers and get full advice and assistance.

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