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While looking for the perfect ticket, most people often use the Internet, some people listen to advices of friends and only a small percentage cooperates with a travel agency for years.

Why? Because person is looking for the best place to buy. Prices in most of agencies differ slightly, but the service, staff and advertising differs a lot.

Why does multichannel messaging is important for travel agency?

  • To attract new customers. The price of multichannel messaging is much lower than to promote through other advertising channels.
  • To work with existing customers (sending reminders, notifications about the readiness of documents, urgent notifications about the departure or change of accommodations).
  • To inform about promotions, special offers (especially important before holidays), last minute tours, new directions and even changing of office address.

Using DANYCOMO service, you can give maximum attention to every client, including the potential ones. Remind them about your agency with personalized messages (the name from the database can be automatically inserted into the message), avoid conflict situations by notifying tourists about conditions changes, send invitations, arrange lotteries and polls.

Maximize the functionality to grow your business and generate the incomes.

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